CASETEX company is a participant of the exhibition «Inprodmash & Upakovka 2018»

CASETEX participated in the Inprodmash & Upakovka 2018 International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for the Food Industry, which was held in Kiev on September 11-13, 2018.

Keystex prepared a stand «The beauty of form and perfection of functions»
with photos of boiled shinkovoy, boiled-smoked, raw smoked, uncleaned sausage. All samples are made in an artificial casing manufactured by CASETEX.

CASETEX at the exhibition Inprodmash Upakovka 2018

We have demonstrated our high-quality products: textile and fibrous sausage casings. Showed the finished sausages in their own packaging. Sausage successfully passed the tasting, was given a positive assessment of the external and internal appearance. Innovative manufacturing technology of casings in Keystex allows to obtain a high quality product that is environmentally friendly and safe for human health.

Fibrous and textile casings for sausages

Participation in the exhibition was fruitful. The presented wide range of our products interested many participants. This made it possible to open new business collaborative relationships with experts in the meat industry and expand the market.

Mutually beneficial business cooperation with Casetex

The exhibition has become for the company CASETEX an effective platform for mutually beneficial cooperation with domestic sausage producers.

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